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Top Places to Snowboard and Ski in the United States

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It’s finally that time. Time to break out the snow equipment and take a trip up to the mountains. Skiing and snowboarding have been two popular sports for generations and are still very prominent in our culture today. Having such a variety of different mountains across the United States, it can be difficult for you to choose which one suits you best.  Today we are going to be going over the best places to snowboard and ski in the United States and how sunglass straps can be useful while on the mountain. Just remember to pack the correct gear so that you can have the best experience possible while you shred the slopes!

Both snowboarding and skiing are difficult sports for those who are learning it for their first time. Both take a great amount of balance and patience. That is why it’s important when choosing where to start off learning. Places like Big Bear and Mammoth Mountain in California have great slopes to learn on, but can be a little pricey. Bunny slopes are found at most mountains, and they consist of an easy run with barely any incline. These are the best to learn on. Even though there are better places to snowboard and ski, it is best to spend less money on these two mountains before hitting the harder slopes.

Some of the best places to snowboard and ski in the United States include Park City (Utah), Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows (Lake Tahoe), and Vail (Colorado). All these places offer class A slopes that will put you to the test. With a summit elevation of over 10,000 feet, Park City Mountain gives visitors the experience of a lifetime. Visitors can expect over 40 different trail runs as well as many boxes and rails for them to ride. Travelers that go to Vail have the opportunity to ride down the legendary Northeast Bowl, a trail run that goes directly through the trees and brush. Squaw Valley/ Alpine Meadows offers visitors the ideal skiing experience since the mountain is located just next to gorgeous Lake Tahoe. One of the perks of Squaw Valley & Alpine Meadows is that one lift ticket will get you access to both resorts! 

With various places to snowboard and ski across the United States, it’s important when it comes to picking the right one. Be sure to practice on easier mountains before hitting the bigger ones and remember to use sunglass straps if you are using shades on the mountain! Sunglass straps can be very useful for those who don’t like wearing goggles and prefer sunglasses instead. If that sounds like you, be sure to check out our collection here and enjoy your time on the slopes!

Written by @visualsbyry