Unique Easter Celebrations Around The World

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Photo by @anniespratt

When you think of Easter, what's the first thing that comes to mind? Easter egg-hunts, bright colors, & bunnies, right? Well, it might surprise you to know that aside from the United States, there are many other meanings to an Easter celebration. Here are some of the most unique Easter celebrations around the world. Some of them might surprise you so much that you’ll even book a flight to see if these traditions are true. I would…

Easter Celebrations Around the World:

Norway - Unlike your typical Easter celebration, Norway has a very different approach to this holiday. For starters, people are gifted with three-days off as the whole country goes into relaxation for those set days. Norwegians retreat to their cabins and try to get in as much skiing as possible. For others, it’s seen as a time to see extended family. Both of these seem reasonable right? Well for others in Norway, Easter is the mark of fictitious crime. Across the nation, new crime novels and movies are released in a spectacular fashion. True crime lovers will stay inside all three days and binge these new releases. If you’re a crime fanatic, spending your Easter in Norway is a must! 

Poland - Have you ever heard of Smigus Dyngus? Probably not, and here’s why. This fun holiday is celebrated every Easter Monday and consists of people throwing water on each other. If you’re even in Poland on Easter and happen to get wet, this is why. The holiday originally was based on boys getting girls wet with water but today, the holiday is free-game. Weird right? Well if you don’t want to get wet, be sure to stay indoors on this unique holiday. Or just away from Poland…

Greece - Red eggs? Here in Greece, you will only find eggs dyed red. This is a representation of Christ’s blood and a symbol of new life. This tradition is nothing different than the United States except you’ll see much more red eggs.

New Zealand - Easter egg hunts? Not here! Each year, New Zealanders have a rabbit hunting contest for money and a title. The purpose of this is to help with the “pests’ problem they have in the farmlands of New Zealand. The competition is known as The Great Easter Bunny Hunt and takes place in and around the town of  Alexandra. Pretty crazy right? Be sure to avoid the competitions if you are a bunny lover. 

There are so many Easter celebrations around the world that one might find unique. If Easter egg hunts, chocolate, & family gatherings sound more appealing to you, be sure to celebrate within the states. For more of those adventurous folks, be sure to check out some of these crazy Easter celebrations around the world! 

Written by @visualsbyry