Using a Camera Strap While Hiking Havasupai

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Although the Grand Canyon is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of The World, many don’t realize the true uniqueness of the area found deep within the canyon. Overflowing with vibrant blue waterfalls and canyon wildlife, Havasupai has become one of the most popular places to visit within the past couple of years. Backpacking Havasupai has become so popular in fact, that the National Park had to issue permits for those looking to visit. With permits in place, visiting the area may require more planning than expected. Here is the best way to visit Havasupai and why using a camera strap will help your experience. 

History of Havasupai: 

Among all of the interesting features, one may see while backpacking Havasupai, encountering the Havasu People who live within is the most mind-blowing. Since the dawn of time, the Havasu Tribe has lived in the area. Once turned into a National Park, the Grand Canyon National Park Enlargement Act was passed, and the people were given an area of land to continue living. Backpackers of the area will encounter the tribe once they reach the bottom. Photos of the people are prohibited as well as interactions with the tribe. A full list of Havasupai rules can be found here

Backpacking Havasupai

Like most situations in life, people oftentimes save the best for last. Unfortunately for those backpacking Havasupai, this is not the case. Although the 10-mile descent into the canyon is fairly easy, backpackers face a brutal exit once their trip is completed. After a steep descent into the canyon, hikers will find themselves along a well-maintained wash. From there, backpackers will continue to hike until they reach the village of Supai at mile 8. From there it is a 2-mile hike to the campgrounds. Day-hiking is prohibited making backpacking permits the only way to visit. (Helicopter trips are available, but what’s the fun in that?) 

Backpacking Havasupai is an exciting venture that all outdoor-lovers must do. Upon reaching the base, backpackers have multiple relaxation options. Waterfalls such as Havasu Falls and Beaver Falls are a great place to take a dip and provide excellent photo opportunities. Due to the minerals in the runoff, the water from the waterfall turns a vibrant blue color. Waterfalls like these can’t be found anywhere else in the states so visitors should be sure to pack a camera and camera strap in their backpack. Visiting Havasupai gives photographers a great chance to photograph such a unique landscape. Because of the rushing water, using a camera strap or tripod is recommended to help steady the shot. 

Planning a Trip to Havasupai: 

Visiting Havasupai can be done at any time of the year. (With the exception of COVID-19) Summer months are recommended for those looking to cool off in the rushing waterfalls, while winter months provide visitors with a smaller crowd. Picking a time all depends on what visitors are looking for as well as permit availability. Permits have been halted for now due to COVID-19 but will resume soon. With the anticipation of the area opening up again, visitors should be on the lookout for permits. With that in mind, visitors should prepare their trip accordingly and look forward to exploring the magical area of Havasupai.

Written by @visualsbyry