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Using a Camera Strap While Visiting Casablanca

camera strap, camera wrist strap, sunglass straps, outdoor gear, visiting Casablanca, best art deco in the world, things to do in Casablanca, visiting morocco, things to do in Morocco

Photo by @doran_erickson

Although not quite as dramatic as the classic film Casablanca, many often overlook the opportunities Morocco presents for those visiting it’s famed city Casablanca. A city filled with vibrantly painted buildings and unique architecture; Casablanca is a must-see travel destination for any type of traveler. Visiting Casablanca gives all who pass through a unique perspective on the past and present. From extravagant sites such as the Hassan II Mosque to the unique surfing culture of the city, visiting Casablanca is sure to keep any traveler intrigued. Here are 3 of the best reasons why one might want to visit Casablanca...

Visiting Casablanca for The Architecture:

For those more appreciative of the visually appealing aspects of a country, visiting Casablanca will blow their mind. A true testament to that statement can be found along the coast and is known as the Hassan II Mosque, the largest mosque in the country. The building took over 7 years to build and is truly a sight to see. Another spectacular sight to see in the King’s Palace located in the heart of the city. The building is a unique combination of French and Moroccan architecture and is a must-see spot. Throughout the city, visitors can find various aspects of Art Deco that give the city a vintage vibe. With an abundance of architecture around, packing a camera and camera strap is a must for those looking to capture these unique buildings on film!

Visiting Casablanca for The Shops:

Although cities like Marrakech and Fes have that extravagant travel draw to them, Casablanca gives visitors the true cultural experience. Filled with street markets where one can barter with the vendor to nightclubs that resemble certain aspects of Los Angeles, the local life of Casablanca is often overlooked. Visitors should head to the two shopping meccas where one can pick items such as pottery, purses, and more. Additionally, visiting Marche Central gives visitors a sense of local living. Here, visitors can buy many products from across the country as well as meet locals from the area. Another popular spot to visit is the Morocco Mall, one of the biggest malls in Africa. Inside, visitors can find plenty of luxury shops as well as a full-blown aquarium...

Visiting Casablanca  For The Sights:

Being the biggest city in Morocco means having the largest population. Because of this, Morocco has begun building wealth, as they supply most of the county in products. Areas such as Anfa and Gauthier hold some of the richest houses in the city and are a great place to sightsee. For those who love Art Deco, visiting this modern-exhibition of a city is a must. Buildings resembling the french-inspired architecture pre-WW1 can be found across the country and are a major draw for travelers who love the historic appeal. Some of the must-see buildings include the Cinema Rialto, Hotel Guynemer, and Hotel Lincoln. Taking an Art Deco tour is another option. 

Taking a trip to Casablanca may seem like something out of a movie, but in reality, it is more plausible than people realize. Be sure to check out Fes and Marrakech while in Morocco and don’t forget that handy camera strap and camera! 

Written by @vis.ry