Using a Camera Strap While Visiting Petra, Jordan

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The archaeological city of Petra has been a coveted travel destination for years and has become one of the most popular travel destinations in the Middle East within the past decade. As one of the 7 Wonders of the World, Perta gives visitors a unique experience deep within the canyons with stops along the way such as the Khazneh Temple as well as the monumental building of Ad Dier. The views visitors will get when visiting will last a lifetime so bringing a camera is essential. Additionally, using a camera strap is recommended as it will make experiences easier as visitors traverse through the sand-filled country of Jordan. Here are some things visitors might want to know when traveling to Petra

What is Petra?

Being inhabited as early as 7000 BC, the historic city of Petra served as a trade hub as well as a city capital through its many years of existence. After the fall to Rome, Petra soon began to lose its popularity. A devastating earthquake hit soon after, leaving Petra abandoned. It wasn’t until 1812 that Swiss-explorer Johann Ludwig Burckhardt rediscovered what we know today as Petra. 

Traveling to Petra, Jordan: 

Traveling to Perta is surprisingly accessible, all things considered. Travelers have the option to either travel with a tour group or independently. The majority of tour groups can be found here; most leaving from areas such as Wadi Masu & Tel Aviv. Alternatively, independent travelers can stay in hotels located in Wadi Masu and purchase visitor passes at the visitor center. Passes range from around $70-$85 depending on your length of stay. Hotel options include The Petra Guest House & The Old Village Resort.

Exploring Petra:

Once situated, visitors will enter the Siq, a narrow gorge that acts as the entrance to the city. Similar to Antelope Canyon, the Siq offers stunning views amongst the elevated walls. Petra covers about 37-miles of walking so be sure to pack the right equipment. If visitors don’t want to walk, renting a camel or donkey to ride is also an option.

One of the first stops visitors will see upon entering the Siq will be Khazneh (Petra’s Treasury). This is the most popular spot and often the main point of visitation. This is also the most popular photo spot so arrive early to avoid a crowd. Photo ideas can be found here. Continuing past the Khazneh, visitors will see spots such as the Royal Tombs, Theatre, & Streets of Facades before ultimately finishing their journey at Ad Dier. 

Final Tips When Traveling to Petra

Traveling to Petra is a once in a lifetime experience and something everyone should do. Packing the right equipment is essential to having a good experience. Asides from the gorge, the majority of Petra is without shade so bringing sun protection is a must. Other important items to pack is a camera, camera strap, hiking shoes, & lots of water. Make sure to do research before going and have a fun time traveling to Petra! 

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Written by @visualsbyry