photographer, leather camera strap, design camera strap, film camera

Using Daylight Savings Towards Your Advantage

photographer, leather camera strap, design camera strap, film camera

We all know what happens when the fall months come around... Those long days of sunshine slowing fading away, and the sun beginning to set around 5 PM. For some of us, that means cuddling up in bed and watching movies all night long. For others, this daylight savings change puts us into a mood that makes us feel a little unmotivated. This is totally understandable, as it has been scientifically proven that light deprivation can cause depression and decreased motivation. To beat this daylight savings change, we are going to be going over a few activities that you can do to keep you motivated once the sun goes down!

Daylight Savings Activities:

The best way to take advantage of this time change is to get into activities that can only be done during the nighttime. Night photography is a popular hobby, and since the sun sets earlier you’ll have more time to get out and shoot. Just remember to use your camera strap so you don’t drop that expensive camera! Another thing you can do it go stargazing! Popular places like Griffith Observatory and Joshua Tree offer prime stargazing experiences you will never forget. Grab your best camping equipment, and head out into the mountains where you can see the stars clearly. Being surrounded by all the simulations the city has, sometimes it’s nice to head out for a while and spend time in the outdoors. It’s the small things that keep us sane. 

photographer, leather camera strap, design camera strap, film camera

Other Activities:

Daylight savings also means that the sun will rise earlier! Take this time and go on some sunrise hikes! Even if it is alone, being productive in the early morning can be a great way to improve mental health and give you a better appreciation of life. Grab that camera you have, and strap on its camera strap. Taking photos during sunrise is one of the best ways to start your day. If photos are not your thing, wake up early and go to the gym! Read a book! Basically, what we are trying to say is to be proactive in your life even if it’s dark outside at 5 PM Take this time to do something you normally wouldn’t do.  Daylight savings can sometimes get the best of us. Be sure to surround yourself with proactive friends and continue to enjoy yourself as the days get shorter!

Written by @visualsbyry