Using a camera strap and sunglass strap while exploring Nusa Penida.

Using Sunglass Straps while Exploring Nusa Penida

Using a camera strap and sunglass strap while exploring Nusa Penida.


Thousands of travelers flock to the island of Bali each summer looking to explore the vast island and immerse themselves in a different culture. Amongst the things visitors can do on the main island, many of them miss out on the opportunities Nusa Penida has to offer. Located just southeast of Bali lies the island of Nusa Penida. Having a population of around 45,000 residents, this remote island offers visitors the opportunity to hike and see fantastic beaches and coves. Known for being one of the best places to scuba dive and snorkel in the area, there are plenty of things to do once you arrive. Rather it is hiking Kelingking Beach or catching the amazing views of Broken Beach, this hidden gem has enough to keep you busy. Just remember to use your sunglass straps while exploring the area so you don’t lose your shades! 

Since the only way to reach Nusa Penida is by boat, some tourists are discouraged to visit because of the hassle. Don’t worry though! We got you covered. Visitors will first head to the beach of Sanur and purchase a boat pass to Nusa Penida before taking a ride over to the island. The boat ride offers phenomenal views and is very windy so sunglass straps are recommended so you do not lose your shades. Upon arriving at the island visitors will find a flock of locals offering ride service. Beware of the local prices since they usually will charge unsuspecting tourist and outrageous price. From our travels to the island, we learned that the price of 500,000 Rupiah per day was reasonable. Try not to pay anything more. After securing your driver, they will offer you the choices of where to go on the island. Two of the most popular spots are Kelingking Beach and Broken Beach, so be sure to give those a visit. 

Located on the west side of Nusa Penida, Kelingking Beach offers that Instagram worthy view of a heavenly staircase leading down to the beach below. Visitors have the choice to either hike 30-minutes down to the beach or relax at the top and enjoy the fantastic views. For those who want to get that “iconic” picture, you can hike about 5 minutes down the trail to the famous viewpoint.  FYI: (Flip flops are not recommended due to the trail’s steepness.) Upon reaching the bottom, visitors will find a private beach that looks like something out of a movie. Just remember to head up before sunset since the hike becomes more difficult with the sundown. You’ll want to be hands-free on this hike so be sure to use one of our handy camera straps!

After going to Kelingking Beach, have your driver take you over to see Broken Beach. This Nusa Penida treasure gives visitors a view of the coast where the true power of nature can be seen. Huge waves crash against the coast giving visitors a perfect spot to sit and take everything in. Located about 100 feet away lies Broken Beach where visitors can catch a view of a natural arch over the ocean. Walking along the bridge is recommended since it is all-natural and will support your weight. After a full day of activities, be sure to head over to Warung DJ and get a nice cheap meal before heading to bed. Nusa Penida offers visitors amazing views and outdoor experiences and being prepared can make or break your trip. Remember to bring your sunglass straps and camera strap to keep your trip easier, and be sure to check out the rest of our outdoor products here

Written by @visualsbyry