Visiting Kalbarri National Park in Australia

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Photo by @simonmaisch


If the tropical weather and Sydney opera house weren’t enough to convince you to visit Australia, then visiting Kalbarri National Park will be. Located along the western coast of Australia lies the beautiful region known as Kalbarri. About a 5-hour drive from Perth, Kalbarri National Park is known for its unique rock formations as well as it’s coastal cliffs. Kalbarri National Park has been rated as one of Australia’s best National Parks as well as one of the most accessible. Here are some of the reasons why visiting Kalbarri National Park should be one of your road trip destinations if you’re ever in West Australia. 

Kalbarri National Park is split into two sections that can be accessed for only $15 per vehicle. The park has no available campsites, so overnight accommodations can best be found in the town of Kalbarri. The park’s main features include a coastal section and an inland section. Here are some of the best features you can expect to see while visiting both. Just be sure to pack your handy camera strap to help you take better photos while exploring! 

Visiting Kalbarri National Park’s Coastal Section: 

The coast of Kalbarri National Park has eroded so much that sediments of the sandstone cliffs have left a lasting impression. Along the coast, you can find many different features such as Mushroom Rock, Rainbow Valley, and Island Rock. All features have trail hikes that can be completed within hours. Because of this, seeing most of Kalbarri’s Coast can be done in a half-day. This leaves you the rest of the day to check out the more popular features found within the inland areas. 

Visiting Kalbarri National Park’s Inland Section: 

After years of erosion, the Murchison River has carved its way through the park creating one of the most visited spots.  Z-Bend can be hiked too and provides hikers with an amazing view of the river and gorge. The river turns in such a way that you are essentially looking over a bend. If you’ve seen photos of this park online, this attraction was probably it. Picnic benches and toilets are at the beginning of the trailhead, so be sure to pack a lunch! Although Z-Bend is the icon of the park, there are a few other spots that you can find inland. Nature’s Window and The Loop both give hikers amazing views of natural rock formations and must be visited. The park is also in the process of building a Skywalk that will open later this year! 

Visiting Kalbarri National Park is a little out of the way, but if you are ever near Australia's West Coast, be sure to check it out. Most people will visit it when road tripping along the coast. Be sure to bring plenty of water as well as insect repellent and sun protection when visiting. You wouldn’t want your trip ruined by bug bites! With that being said, visiting Kalbarri National Park is something special, and I hope everyone gets a chance to do so. Just be sure to prepare correctly, and enjoy the wonders of Western Australia! 

Written by @visualsbyry