Visiting Point Reyes Peninsula & What You Might Need

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Photo by @erindevilbiss

You’ve been to San Francisco so many times that the city life is starting to get repetitive. Lucky for you, directly above the city is a vast area of the outdoors. And located along the coast, Point Reyes Peninsula. This gem of Northern California draws visitors every year to experience the serene views the Northern Coast offers. Visiting Point Reyes can be done any time of the year, and includes lots to see. Here are some of the things you might need when visiting Point Reyes and what you can do along this beautiful coastline.

When Should I Be Visiting Point Reyes Peninsula: 

Known for having the largest population of Tule Elks in California, Point Reyes National Seashore has become a coveted area of land where visitors can experience the serenity of the outdoors. Visiting Point Reyes is ideal at any time of the year, having clear skies on some days and foggy skies on others. Typically, March through May is the best time to visit because the weather will be sunny. This is also a great time to see Gray Whales. Every year between December and May, the area becomes one of the biggest areas to whale watch as groups of Gray Whales migrate through the coastal waters. This also can make these months the busiest times, so be sure to book campsites and hotels early. 

Where Should I Stay When Visiting Point Reyes Peninsula?

Popular campsites include Wildcat Campground, Sky Campground, & Glen Campground. If camping is not your forte, the closest hotel is the Cottages at Point Reyes Seashore

Activities to Do When Visiting Point Reyes Peninsula: 

Aside from taking in the amazing views that the Northern Coast has to offer, there are many popular hikes and places to visit while along the coast. The most famous landmark of the area? Point Reyes Light. This iconic lighthouse stands alone at the end of the peninsula and is the major focal point of most photos. Built in 1870, Point Reyes Light was a beacon for those approaching from the sea. Today, the spot is a visitor center that provides visitors with plenty of historical information on the area as well as a picturesque view. Asides from visiting the lighthouse, the area has plenty of hiking and sightseeing in the area. Along with whale watching, visitors can expect to see various plants, birds, & seals throughout the land. Be sure to bring your camera and camera strap just in case you run into any Tule Elk! 

Hiking While Visiting Point Reyes Peninsula: 

Point Reyes has so many hikes, we can’t cover them all. Instead, we are going to be going over some of our favorites that we recommend are a must-see. 

Short Hikes:

Kehoe Beach Trail (1.2-miles) - This short beach trail provides hikers with a scenic beach view. Also the only dog-friendly trail in the area.

Tomales Point Trail (2-miles) - Wanting to see the Tule Elk? This trial will probably be your best bet, as the Elk can often be seen drinking water in the nearby spring.  

Longer Hikes:

Mt. Wittenberg Loop (5-miles) - This loop trail begins with a sharp climb to the highest point in the area. From there, hikers will venture through meadows and various wildlife.

Woodward Valley Loop (13-miles) - Combining a mixture of coastal and forest hiking, this loop trail will give you everything you need while visiting.

Must-Do Hike:  

Alameda Falls (13-miles) - Probably one of my favorite hikes in the area, Alameda Falls gives visitors a nice hike along the coast before arriving at a waterfall that descends directly onto the shore. Definitely a must-see. 

Visiting Point Reyes Peninsula can be done at any time of the year. Another thing to note is that the closest gas station to the area is 20-miles away, so be sure to fuel up before visiting. Have fun visiting the most scenic hiking spot around San Francisco!

Written by @visualsbyry