camera strap, leather camera strap, whitewater rafting, fathers day idea, fathers day adventure

White Water Rafting This Father’s Day

camera strap, leather camera strap, whitewater rafting, fathers day idea, fathers day adventure

Photo by @firdoussross

Father’s Day is coming up faster than you could have imagined and now you are struggling to figure out where to take your dad this year. Are you and your Dad adrenaline junkies? Spending time in the outdoors with your dad is a great way to bond and there are a variety of things you plan to do this Father’s day. Spend this Father’s Day taking a whitewater rafting trip down one of the many popular rivers across America. What about the Colorado River that runs through the Grand Canyon or if you’re feeling really adventurous, how about the Futaleufu River in Chile? We can’t omit the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe and the Magpie River in Canada. All great Father’s Day destinations! 

All whitewater rafting expeditions can be ranked from levels I through VI and picking the right one can make or break your Father’s Day experience. Just be sure to bring your sunglasses strap. You will not have to worry about dropping or losing your glasses. 

Whitewater Rafting:

            Whitewater rafting has become a more popular activity over the years. Adventurers will visit rivers across the world to either take a relaxing ride down its stream or fight the current as the rapids get faster. Levels I-III offer people a more relaxing ride, as a tour guide takes groups along the calmer parts of the river. At level III, rafters will follow instructions from their tour guide as the rapids start to get more swift. Rafters must fight the current and keep the boat afloat so that they do not flip over. This is where sunglasses straps come in handy, as many people wear them to cut the glare given by the rapids. I personally lost my GoPro the last time I went. Levels IV and up are for more advanced rafters as they will usually ride with professionals to minimize the risk of drowning. Talk about adrenaline. Spend this Father’s Day taking on level II or III as you both try and maneuver down the river. 

Whitewater Rafting Continued:

            Spending a weekend along the river can be a fun experience for those who enjoy being a little more adventurous. Experts can take you down the river via raft as you make stops along the way to camp. Keeping your valuables such as your camera and camera strap in a waterproof case is a must unless your camera and strap are waterproof. Camping along a river can make for an excellent adventure as well as provide those who do with amazing views.

If taken at the right time, people have been known to catch glimpses of the Northern Lights along the Magpie River in Canada, which honestly sounds like a lifetime experience. If your dad is up to it, we highly recommend spending this Father’s Day whitewater rafting. Be sure to take your sunglasses straps or be ready to possibly lose those sunglasses. 

Written by @visualsbyry