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Why Visiting City of Rome Must be Your Next Vacation

photographer, leather camera strap, design camera strap, film camera, travel, italy, rome


Does exploring the historic streets of Italy sound like an ideal time to you? Is eating cheese off a charcuterie board while sipping an aromatic bottle of Vino Novello trigger your taste buds? If so, then planning a trip to Italy needs to be your next vacation. Although there are plenty of cities to visit in Italy, we believe Rome is one of the most historical ones you should venture too. We encourage you to check out Florence and Naples, but today we are going to be going over some of the coolest things to do in Rome, and how a camera strap can help keep your equipment safe while in a foreign country. 

The Colosseum:

At the heart of the city, visitors will stumble upon one of Rome’s greatest treasures. Completed around 80 AD, The Colosseum used to house over 50,000 spectators and was the prime viewing place for gladiatorial contests. Fast forward to the 20th century, and The Colosseum is still one of the most anticipated things to do in Rome. Tickets typically cost around 12 euros,  but if you wait till Sunday you can get in for free. Just be prepared for long lines. Using a camera strap is essential when maneuvering through the crowds in Rome. Having that extra bit of security can help you feel a bit more safe about carrying your expensive equipment around the crowds. Although visiting The Colosseum is one of the more popular things to do in Rome, there are a couple of other spectacular ones that make our list. 

Sightseeing and Eateries:

Be sure to get your authentic Italian dining experience by visiting La Carbonara, located in the heart of Rome. Even though this place is a little pricier, their pasta is worth the money. Then, make your way down to Otaleg afterward to get some authentic gelato. Other notable places to eat in Rome include Cesare Al Casaletto, Pizzarium, and Armando Al Pantheon. Looking to visit some other historical spots? Be sure to catch a sunset at the Roman Forum, an area full of government ruins from back in the day. Museums and art galleries are also popular things to do in Rome. Some of our favorites include Galleria Borghese, The National Gallery of Modern Art, and the Baths of Diocletian. 

Visiting Rome is a surreal experience that everyone must do in their lifetime Just remember to use that handy camera strap when using your equipment in a crowd. Take your time to plan out your trip, and have fun exploring one of Europe’s greatest treasures!

Written by @visualsbyry