Camera Strap Holders while hiking Sandstone Peak, Malibu

Your ideal Camera Strap while camping and exploring Malibu

Malibu Camping at Leo Carrillo State Park

Malibu beach caves camera straps

Hidden right across the highway in the beautiful city of Malibu is an enclosed campsite known as Leo Carrillo. Leo Carrillo is a very popular campsite for beach lovers and hikers alike. Being about a 10-minute walk from the beautiful coast of Malibu, many photographers and adventurers enjoy staying there. Visitors can take a short stroll across the highway to visit the hidden coves of Malibu. Camera strap holders are encouraged so adventurers can explore the coast with the least hassle.

Ever since I was in 5th grade, I had camped at Leo Carrillo with my friends and family, making the area somewhat nostalgic to me. Growing up I remember my dad never forgot to bring his camera strap for his Fuji X100 camera; we captured so many great memories! Being exposed to the outdoors while growing up had definitely fueled my love for the outdoors and photography. Leo Carrillo provides visitors with a one of a kind view so, be sure to bring your camera with you.  I was thrilled with how my camera strap for my Canon 5D Mark III  held up while trekking all around Malibu.

Malibu Sunset

A Very Underrated Hike in Malibu:

Leo Carrillo is close to an amazing hike called Sandstone Peak as well one of the most photogenic beaches, El Matador. Sandstone peak is about a three-mile hike to the top where hikers can catch an amazing view of the valley and the ocean. Along with hiking along the trail, there are various rock formations hikers can scramble on. Remember to bring a camera strap holder for hiking so you can explore the trail without having to worry about dropping your camera. Camera strap holders are ideal when hiking along this trail so hikers can capture photos at ease. I have done this hike multiple times for sunsets and the view always amazes me. This hike is definitely a point of interest for those camping in this area.

If Hiking Isn’t Your Thing:  

For those who are looking for more leisure, head down to El Matador Beach to relax. Scattered with extravagant caves and rock formations, this beach is a popular spot for photographers and models. During the golden hour, you can catch tons of people shooting by the caves. Make sure you bring your camera equipment and trusty camera strap to help you catch the perfect sunset. Malibu provides visitors with lots of activities and will always be a popular spot for adventurers. Next time you are in Malibu, be sure to get a site at Leo Carrillo and explore uniqueness this area has to offer.

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