Discover what awaits you in Zion National Park.

Discover what awaits you in Zion National Park.

Established in 1919, Zion National Park ranks as one of the most commonly visited places in the west. This amazing landmark of Utah draws thousands of visitors each year to capture amazing photos as well as a hike along some of the most spectacular escalades. The best time to visit Zion National Park falls between the months of March and August. Visiting during these months will give visitors the perfect mix of cold and hot weather.

My experience hiking Angels Landing:

“Wow, this is unreal,” Carly exclaimed as we scrambled up the backbone of Angels Landing. It was the middle of March and my friends and I had decided to take a last minute camping trip to Zion. I could feel the sweat I had accumulated from hiking begin to stick between my neck and my genuine leather camera strap. We had decided to go to Zion instead of Yosemite last minute because of the snow situation and road closure. Zion has many popular hikes ranging from easy ones like the Three Patriarchs to difficult ones like The Subway. This is a major drawing point that attracts families to the park because it gives younger children plenty of hiking options. As we neared the top of Angels Landing it slowly began to sprinkle. I was glad I had brought my genuine leather camera strap with me, as the water droplets rolled right off the leather. As we reached the top, we were exposed to an amazing view of Zions Canyon, a view that will forever be ranked as one of my favorite spots.

Just do it!:

For those looking to visit Zion, you could easily do it in two days. For those who are looking for more leisure, there are plenty of campsites such as Watchmen that allow campers to relax among the red rock canyons as well as venture into the park via metro bus. Make sure you have a genuine leather camera strap as the weather can change overnight. If you are fortunate to ever make it out there, be sure to visit during the spring and summer season to catch the vibrant colors of summer. For those who are looking for something different, wintertime provides visitors with a lot of snow in the valley. Just make sure you are prepared for whatever comes your way.