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Tether doesn’t decide between style and function

Shop our camera straps, sunglass straps, Apple Watch straps, and dog collars and leashes.

Practical & Stylish

Our goal is to eliminate the use of unappealing accessories, and instead, offering something functional while matching your unique style.

Tether has a variety of camera straps, sunglass straps, Apple Watch straps, and dog collars and leashes.

Match Your Dog

You can find our dog collars and leashes in the same fun prints as our camera straps, sunglass straps, and Apple Watch straps! It’s the perfect opportunity to match your furry friends!

Capture Moments in Style

At Tether, you can find the perfect camera strap for you in high-quality leathers and unique designs

The deal you absolutely don't want to miss

Adventure with Tether

Tether has been encouraging our customers to go out and experience the world since 2015. We have created these products on the premise that we want to eliminate the boring, cheap products that we were using and instead use something that stood as a symbol for "adventure,” all while being stylish, functional, and an expression of our customers. So whether you opt for a classic leather look or one of our fun designs, there will always be a strap for you!


We all have different meanings as to what an adventurous lifestyle looks like, and this is why we would love for you to join our Ambassador program. Show us how you adventure with Tether while making 10% commission! #adventurewithtether

What People Say About Our Product

"Excellent Neck Strap clips for Canon EF Cameras... I have a set on both my Canon 6D and my Canon T7... They work fantastic; and I have no worries about my neck strap coming loose or twisting"


"Finally, used these to attach a strap to my camera which is Canon Rebel. Worked perfectly. I was pleased with the quality of the hardware. Quality item for the price"

Angela Brysch

"Such a nice way to keep from losing your glasses! My husband is always misplacing his and this strap is super cool and a much manlier alternative to a chain!"